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U.S. Mint to Ship 2013, 2014 Gold Coins Mixed

January 10, 2014 - After overestimating the number of American Eagle gold coins it could sell in the final days of 2013 the U.S. Mint has announce that it will sell leftover 2013-dated coins alongside this year’s coins starting January 20 until the excess 2013 coins sell out. U.S. Mint managers have made no secret of the fact that it is extremely tough to accurately forecast gold coin demand, especially with the gold spot price fluctuating in such a wide range.

“The end of the year is usually a slow time for gold coin sales because collectors wait until the New Year so they can buy the new coins and get discounts on the previous year’s coins,” said Richard Long, analyst for “Gold fell 26% last year but demand for gold coins was up 63% so it’s not surprising that they still have inventory because it was virtually impossible to estimate how many coins would be sold.”

Authorized U.S. Mint purchasers can buy 2014 coins exclusively until January 20, at which point 2013 and 2014 coins will be sold at a 1:1 ratio until all of last year’s coins have been shipped. Long says that while collectors may want to wait for lower 2014 gold coin prices pure investors may be able to receive lower-than-average prices for 2013 American Eagle gold coins. “If the date on the coin doesn’t matter and you simply want the most gold coins for your money then now is an excellent time to buy gold Eagles,” Long commented. “The Mint rarely overestimates demand so for the next couple of weeks we have the opportunity to buy gold coins that have not been previously owned at a special price point.”

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